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Net lock has developed a universal barcode scanner and communication system that can be used with any code lock to open any door with the owners registered permission .

One example is the introduction of the domestic parcel box which is a rapidly growing, worldwide phenomenon that one day may even replace the post box. The use of large domestic parcel boxes will be a huge step forward for delivery companies and consumers provided that they can be easily accessed.
The code to open the lock has become the main focus of attention as box owners believe their lock code is already the worst kept secret since parcel boxes came on the scene. A better system is required that provides privacy and security for the box owner while at the same time is easy for the delivery company to use. Our system provides one method and one line of communication between all barcode scanners and all box providers to open all code locks no matter what system they use. We have introduced a web based system that allows visitors or courier drivers to access the entry code for the code lock by scanning a barcode and immediately being provided with a secure code from our website. See the diagram How it Works on a parcel box for an illustration of the process. Our solution permanently removes the potential problem for delivery companies and visitors where they would otherwise need to have access to a range of competing opening systems which could potentially make the online parcel box code lock concept impractical to use.
(Australian Innovation Patent 2014100457)

Ongoing access to our system is via a company membership which allows an unlimited number of users for just $200 per year. Single Memberships will be free until further consideration is necessary. Our mission is to ensure all memberships and fees remain fairly represented and managed by a committee of members.